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Unbounce pre-orders integration


The following doc will explain how to use PreProduct to capture Shopify pre-orders from an Unbounce landing page. For Unbounce pre-orders to work, you will firstly need to install the PreProduct app from the Shopify app Store.


About Unbounce #

Unbounce is a leading landing page creation platform with a focus on converting visitors to customers. Their AI-powered Smart Builder lets you create beautiful, high-performing marketing campaigns in just a few minutes.

Adding the Unbounce PreProduct integration will enable you to capture Shopify pre-orders from your Unbounce landing page.



Setup #

Before Installing you will need to:

  • Toggle on the Unbounce integration in PreProduct (This will notify you of any integration limitations when using PreProduct).


Step 1: From the Unbounce Smart Builder, click “Apps” from the top menu, then click the blue “See all the Apps” button.


Finding PreProduct integration


Step 2: Now enter “PreProduct” into the search bar in the pop-up modal. Then click the blue plus icon on the top right of the thumbnail.


Adding PreProduct integration


Step 3: The integration is now installed. You can now select any element on the page and swap it to a PreProduct pre-order button. When clicking an element, select the “change element” icon, then scroll down to “E-Commerce” and choose “PreProduct”


Adding PreProduct element


Step 4: Click the PreProduct element and select the “PreProduct Settings” cog icon. Enter the email address used as your “shop email” with PreProduct. (By default it’s the same as your master Shopify account, but can be changed via PreProduct’s “setup” screen.)


Verifying PreProduct user


Step 5: Once verified, you’ll be able to choose a product to pre-sell. The list pulls from your active PreProduct listings. If you don’t have an active listing in PreProduct yet, now is the time to create one. Once selected, click “apply”.


Choosing product to pre-sell


Step 6: The PreProduct integration uses an Unbounce button for it’s base, so the usual styling options are available by clicking the pencil edit icon. Once you’re happy, click “Save” and “Publish” up the top right of the Unbounce editor.


Customising PreProduct element


Step 7: Now return to the pages admin in Unbounce and click the URL to view your new pre-order functionality in action.


View Unbounce landing page



Limitations #

Currently (28th Sept 2022) only capture-only, deposits (via payment-link) and charge-upfront pre-orders are supported. Deferred charge pre-orders will be coming soon!