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Multiple products in a single pre-order.

‘Pay later’ and ‘deposit based’ pre-orders #

PreProduct’s on-page cart just supports its own product and variants. The pre-order can contain multiple variants and quantities, but only from that one product. However, PreProduct remembers customer names and emails, so subsequent pre-orders on your site will be one click.


When sending payment links out for multiple products at once, feel free to use the following technique. PreProduct has two different types of payment links available: ‘straight to checkout’ and ‘add to cart’. If you had multiple pre-order products arriving at the same time, you could just include ‘add to cart’ payment links in your payment link email. Customers would then just click on each link, in turn to build their cart up, before going through the checkout.



‘Pay now’ pre-orders #

By default, ‘charge & capture’ pre-orders in PreProduct will direct customers straight to a pre-populated checkout at the time of pre-ordering.
The nice thing about this is that customers are forced to pay for the product on its own and with a dedicated shipping charge for that pre-order.
(i.e. it won’t get mixed in with ‘buy now’ orders, resulting in one shipping charge for two separate deliveries)


However, if you would prefer the ‘mixed cart’ scenario, PreProduct lets you choose whether to redirect ‘pay now’ pre-orders to cart or to checkout. A redirect to the cart will just add the pre-order items in with the customer’s existing cart contents.
(the default is ‘redirect to checkout).


choose 'pay now' pre-order redirect
Option available from the ‘setup’ screen in PreProduct