Shopify ‘continue selling when out of stock’ box

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The Shopify ‘continue selling when out of stock’ box is found in the product/variant section of the Shopify admin dashboard.

What does it do? #

This Shopify setting has two important functions as far as pre-orders are concerned:

  1. The ‘continue selling when out of stock’ box is needed for 0 stock products to pass through your checkout. If this box is unchecked, then customers won’t be able to purchase the product. Because of this, PreProduct automatically ticks this box when payment links are triggered. (If you have positive stock by this point, feel free to untick it)
  2. Most Shopify themes will display ‘out of stock’ messages when a product/variant has 0 stock AND the box is unchecked. To avoid this, PreProduct automatically ticks the box when a new PreProduct listing is created.

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