Discounts on Shopify pre-orders

Discounts on Shopify pre-orders can be offered on any new PreProduct listings.  There are two different ways discounts are offered on pre-orders:

  • Discounts on Capture only (payment link)
  • Discounts on Deferred charge pre-orders and and Charge upfront pre-orders

Discounts on Capture only (payment link) pre-orders #

Creating a new listing with a discount #

  1. Navigate to the ‘New Listing’ screen in PreProduct and select the product you would like to list.

  2. Scroll to ‘Early bird discount’, and enter the discount percentage you would like to offer (no percentage symbol needed).

  3. In the Shopify product section under ‘pricing’, PreProduct will alter the ‘Price’ and the ‘Compare at Price’. The ‘Compare at Price’ is the original price and the ‘Price’ is the discounted price. This means the Shopify will know that there is a discount and reflect this on your front-end. 

  4. The benefit of doing it this way rather than using discount codes, is that your theme displays the discount and also leaves an available slot for a discount code, as Shopify does not allow you to stack discount codes.

Editing a discount for an exisiting listing #

  1. Go to the Shopify product section and locate the product you are wanting to edit the discount for.

  2. Scroll to the ‘Pricing’ section, and manually change the ‘Price’. Remember the ‘Price’ refers to the discounted price and the ‘Compare at price’ is the original price. 

  3. Then back in PreProduct you will just need to go to the dashboard for the product and click ‘Re-sync with Shopify’.
  4. Note: it is not best practice to change the discount for an existing listing as you can confuse things i.e. a discount promised to some customers and not others can be tricky to juggle communication wise.

Discounts on Deferred charge & Charge upfront pre-orders #

Discounts on deferred charge and charge upfront pre-orders works a little differently to discounts on capture only pre-orders. Instead of the product’s price being directly changed in Shopify, the discount actually lives on the order level. Which is to say that it is locked-in to the future charge, and won’t change your Shopify product’s price.

Advantages to this are that you don’t need to worry about the price change. Disadvantages are that your theme won’t display a discount badge or a $10.00, now $7.50 etc.

Discount codes #

If for some reason you need to provide a customer with a discount code to use, you can enter a Shopify discount code in the notes section of the customer’s individual pre-order e.g ‘enter 10%OFFPREORDER at checkout to claim your pre-order discount’. 

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