Front-end redirects

PreProduct offers the option to redirect customers to either the checkout or cart while pre-ordering.

Redirect option in PreProduct #

You can find this option in the Setup screen of PreProduct, under “Front-end redirects.”

Redirect to checkout #

You will need to add a storefront token, to enable checkout redirects (this will isolate pre-order checkouts so the customer can only checkout with the one product).

This is beneficial if you have several pre-order products that may be arriving at different times, as will allow you to trigger the charge for just the specific product, instead of having to trigger the charge for all pre-order products, if the customer has added several to their cart before checking out.

Force redirecting to checkout, will also stop buy-now and pre-order items mixing. Meaning you can ensure shipping is charged for the pre-order delivery, as well as have isolated orders in Shopify

Redirect to cart #

If you want customers to be able to add multiple pre-order products, as well buy now items, then you can choose to re-direct to cart.

This can be a good option if you’d prefer to prioritise Average Order Value over the advantages listed above.

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