What happens if I reverse/change a discount?

Most pre-order listing types

Discounts on deferred charge and charge upfront pre-orders are locked-in to the order itself and won’t change if you change the listing’s discount.

However, this new discount will be used for future pre-orders.

Capture-only pre-orders

Reversing the discount in Shopify or finishing the PreProduct listing will wipe the discount and pre-order customers will be charged the full amount.

This is obviously a problem if you’ve already collected pre-orders with the promise of a discount. There are two possible approaches to address this:

1. Trigger payment links and keep the listing as a pre-order for a couple of days. In your payment link emails you could mention something like ‘pre-order discounts will be valid for the next 48 hours…’. This is quite a common approach and can give a helpful sense of urgency to customers.

2. This second approach will only work for non-deposit based pre-orders. 

– You could finish the pre-order listing, which will reverse the product’s discount. 

– Then generate a Shopify discount code. (Being careful to specify just that product as being applicable)

– Then include that code in your payment links template before sending payment links out.

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