How to uninstall PreProduct

Removing the PreProduct app and code #

When a store using Shopify 2.0 uninstalls PreProduct, the code block with be automatically removed.

When a store that is not on Shopify 2.0 uninstalls PreProduct, Shopify will automatically stops loading the PreProduct script. This is the code that shows and hides the button/cart on your storefront. The only code that isn’t automatically removed from your store, is a single line of HTML (usually in your theme’s product template) which we call the snippet. This snippet can’t affect your store directly and will be invisible. If you would like to remove this line manually, there’s a brief guide here. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch and we’ll remove it for you.

(In some cases there will be a line starting with ‘<script> var ppxhr=new…’ directly below the snippet. This should be removed as well. )


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