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Fixing broken cart or checkout redirects


Fixing a broken redirect on cart or checkout redirect #

If PreProduct’s cart or payment links redirect to a broken checkout/cart page, it is probably being caused by one of the following conditions in Shopify’s product section:


  1. The product has 0 stock AND doesn’t have the ‘continue selling when out of stock’ box checked. Effectively being ’sold out’ in the eyes of Shopify.
  2. The product’s status in Shopify is set to ‘draft’ (top right corner of the product page) instead of ‘active’.


The first point can be addressed by adding stock or checking the ‘continue selling when out of stock’ box (inventory section of the Shopify product/variant page).

The second can be resolved by simply turning the product’s status to ‘active’ (‘online store’ is the sales channel that’s important here).



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