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Customer Screen


PreProduct has a customer screen which allows you to view pre-order customers and edit orders and send one payment link for multiple products that a pre-order customer may have pre-ordered.


How to view and edit customer pre-orders: #


  • Navigate to the ‘Customers’ screen in PreProduct.
  • This will then show you all pre-order customers.
  • You can then search for a customers name in the search bar, or alternatively if you want to view all customers who have pre-ordered a specific product you could select the product from the product drop down menu.
  • Once you have found the specific customer, you can then click the manage button to view all of their pre-orders.



  • To edit a specific pre-order click the + button, here you can edit the quantity and variants, as well as cancel the pre-order.



  • If you make any changes to the pre-order quantity or variants ensure you click ‘Save the pre-order’




Steps to send payment links out for multiple products at once: #


  • Navigate to the ‘Customers’ screen in PreProduct.
  • From here you can select the products you wish to send a payment link for as well as add any filters (further information below), once you select the products and filters it will bring up all the customers that have ordered one, or more of the products selected.
  • The filters give you a fair bit of control. For example, you could choose: ‘mask a’ or ‘mask b’  plus ‘payment email not sent’ and ‘last 5 pre-orders’. Which would send out links for oldest applicable 5 pre-orders in the queue for those two products (adding additional products expands the search instead of narrowing it).
  • You can click the ‘status’ button to check on Shopify stock levels and storefront availability for the product.
  • Under actions click ‘Send customer payment links’, this will then show any filters you have selected and the products you will be sending payments links for, you can then click the ‘Send payment links’ button.