Single-page apps/stores

Useful for headless stores using Javascript frameworks like React etc.

Initialising the script #

On a single page app, PreProduct’s script may not get reinitialised for each new product page. This causes an issue where the pre-order front-end doesn’t load. The below snippet solves this by listening to a custom event (we’ve used Gatsby‘s `onRouteUpdate` here).

window.addEventListener(`onRouteUpdate`, () => { 

And from a React component:

React.useEffect(() => {
}, []);

And if you need to dynamically add/remove the script when a component is mounted/unmounted:

React.useEffect(() => {
  const script = document.createElement(`script`);

  script.src = ``;

  script.async = true;

  script.crossOrigin = 'anonymous';


  return () => {
}, []);

Keeping track of the currently selected variant #

If you use variants, you’ll also need to keep the variant= param in the page’s URL set to the currently selected variant. Listening for a change event on your variant field is a good way to go. Then running something similar to the below to populate the variant URL param.

let url = new URL(window.location.href);

url.searchParams.set("variant", variantId)
window.history.pushState(null, "", `${url.pathname}${}`);
let locationChangeEvent = new Event('locationchange');


If your product pages use different buy-now button instances, you may need to tell PreProduct to re-evaluate the buttons on the page (that way it can smoothly hide and unhide them when needed).
This can be done by running the below:

window.PP_storedButtons = null;

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