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Triggering payment links


Every PreProduct listing has two stages; capture-only and charge-and-capture. Listings start in capture-only mode and allow you to capture orders without charging customers straight away. The charge-and-capture stage kicks in once you ‘trigger payment links’ for your listing, sending payment links to all previously captured orders and all subsequent orders straight away.


What are payment links #

Payment links are specially generated URLs that will link a customer directly to your native Shopify checkout, with all of their order pre-loaded. When Shopify Pay is enabled, payment details are usually populated, resulting in a one-click checkout.


As well as this ‘payment_link_to_checkout’ type of payment link, PreProduct also offers a ‘payment_link_to_cart’ version, allowing customers to add additional items before passing through the checkout. (both types are included in the payment link emails by default)



Triggering payment links #

  1. Navigate to a product dashboard from within PreProduct. On the left-hand side of the dashboard will be a ‘Send payment links & start charging’ button. Click this button to open up the section.
  2. You will now see a list of variants for that product. Select the variants you would like to trigger payment links for.
  3. Click the ‘Send payment links’ button

Captured pre-orders for those variants will now receive their payment links and future pre-orders will receive their payment links straight away (instead of just the thankyou email).








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