Triggering payment links

Listings that start in capture-only mode and allow you to capture orders without charging customers straight away. Then once you’re ready, you can send payment links to all previously captured pre-orders.

What are payment links #

Payment links are specially generated URLs that will link a customer directly to your native Shopify checkout, with all of their order pre-loaded. When Shopify Pay is enabled for the store, payment details are usually pre-populated, resulting in a one-click checkout.

Payment links are added to emails via PreProduct’s “Email flows” screen. As well as the main {{ payment_link_to_checkout }} type of payment link, PreProduct also offers a {{ payment_link_to_cart }} version, allowing customers to add additional items before passing through the checkout. (both types are included in the payment link emails by default)

Triggering payment links for all pre-orders #

  1. Navigate to a product dashboard from within PreProduct. On the left-hand side of the dashboard will be a ‘Send all payment links’ button. Click this button to open up the section.
  2. You will now see a list of variants for that product. Select the variants you would like to trigger payment links for.
  3. Click the ‘Send payment links’ button

Captured pre-orders for those variants will now receive their payment links.

Sending all payment links

Segmented payment links #

From PreProduct, if you navigate to a product dashboard and then click the ‘see all’ button at the bottom right of the page, you’ll be greeted with an updated screen of customer pre-orders. 

You can send payment links through this screen, as well as the main product dashboard and customers screen. There’s three main ways to segment and send the payment emails:

  1. Selecting and sending to all pre-orders.
  2. Selecting and sending to the first X number of pre-orders.
  3. Selecting individual pre-orders to send payment links to.

This ability can be paired with the live pre-order search to navigate through all of your orders and pick the exact customers you’d like to collect payment from. 

If your pre-order is going particularly well, but you only ordered a certain amount of stock, method number 2 will let you charge for that first allocation now, but keep collecting pre-orders in the mean time.

PreProduct will never send a customer a payment link for the same order twice, but will respect charging customer A for product B now, and then again for product C later.

Here are some GIFs showing the different flows:

Send payment links to all pre-orders of that product.

sending payment links

Send to the first 5 pre-orders.

sending payment links to first 5 pre-orders

Send payment links for two specific pre-orders.

sending payment links to specific orders

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