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Triggering payment links for pre-orders


Every PreProduct listing has two stages; capture-only and charge-and-capture. Listings start in capture-only mode and allow you to capture orders without charging customers straight away. The charge-and-capture stage kicks in once you ‘trigger payment links’ for your listing, sending payment links to all previously captured orders and all subsequent orders straight away.


What are payment links #

Payment links are specially generated URLs that will link a customer directly to your native Shopify checkout, with all of their order pre-loaded. When Shopify Pay is enabled, payment details are usually populated, resulting in a one-click checkout.


As well as this ‘payment_link_to_checkout’ type of payment link, PreProduct also offers a ‘payment_link_to_cart’ version, allowing customers to add additional items before passing through the checkout. (both types are included in the payment link emails by default)



Triggering payment links for pre-orders #

  1. Navigate to a product dashboard from within PreProduct. On the left-hand side of the dashboard will be a ‘Send payment links & start charging’ button. Click this button to open up the section.
  2. You will now see a list of variants for that product. Select the variants you would like to trigger payment links for.
  3. Click the ‘Send payment links’ button

Captured pre-orders for those variants will now receive their payment links and future pre-orders will receive their payment links straight away (instead of just the thankyou email).






Segmented payment links #


From PreProduct, if you navigate to a product dashboard and then click the ‘see all’ button at the bottom right of the page, you’ll be greeted with an updated screen of customer pre-orders. 


You can send payment links through this screen, as well as the main product dashboard. There’s three main ways to segment and send the payment emails:

  1. Selecting and sending to all pre-orders.
  2. Selecting and sending to the first X number of pre-orders.
  3. Selecting individual pre-orders to send payment links to.

This ability can be paired with the live pre-order search to navigate through all of your orders and pick the exact customers you’d like to collect payment from. 

If your pre-order is going particularly well, but you only ordered a certain amount of stock, method number 2 will let you charge for that first allocation now, but keep collecting pre-orders in the mean time.


PreProduct will never send a customer a payment link for the same order twice, but will respect charging customer A for product B now, and then again for product C later.

Here are some GIFs showing the different flows:


Send payment links to all pre-orders of that product.

sending payment links


Send to the first 5 pre-orders.

sending payment links to first 5 pre-orders


Send payment links for two specific pre-orders.

sending payment links to specific orders




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4 replies on “Triggering payment links for pre-orders”

Great product !

I have a question, might be a silly one !

What happen if the paiement is not done when the payment link is sent to the customer ?


Thanks for your great feedback 🙂
It is at the customers discretion whether they pay or not.
There’s a couple of different approaches you can use if you’re worried about conversion rates:
-Engaging with customers by sending update emails through PreProduct is a good way to keep conversion high + keep customers in the loop.
Once you trigger payment links to be sent out for a listing, the listing converts from ‘capture only’ to ‘charge & capture’. Future customers would then receive their payment link straight away and also be forwarded to checkout after hitting pre-order. —-You could consider transitioning your listings a couple of weeks before stock arrives to increase conversion.
-There’s also the option to require an upfront deposit through PreProduct.


I have an two items custom items that will be preordered for an event. The vendor will be shipping the items out to the customers directly so they will supply me with the shipping charge. is it possible after capturing the preorder to add a shipping fee then send the payment link.

Because PreProduct uses your native Shopify checkout any shipping will be generate like normal (applying the usual shipping rules you have set up for your store). Does this answer your question or are your shipping fees generated via a special app before checkout?

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