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Pre-order automations


PreProduct can automate certain processes via the automations section of the app. Current pre-order automations include: a weekly report that includes all pre-orders placed for that week, a payment link automation and an automation that creates opted-in Shopify customers for unpaid pre-orders.


  • For the pre-order automations,  navigate to PreProduct and click the ‘Setup’ heading. Then scroll down to ‘Automations’.




Currently there are three automations offered:


  • A weekly pre-order report emailed every Friday: Your store email will be sent a .CSV spreadsheet every Friday containing information for all of the pre-orders that past week.


  • Trigger payment links as stock becomes available: As stock is added in Shopify, PreProduct will automatically trigger payment links. If there are more pre-orders than stock, earlier pre-orders will have priority. If stock is not purchased within a 5 day window, additional payment links will be sent out to the next eligible customers. Please note if any of your current pre-order products have stock, this automation will start sending payment links out automatically.


  • Create opted-in Shopify customer for unpaid pre-orders: Whenever someone pre-orders and doesn’t then complete a payment through your checkout, PreProduct will create a Shopify customer for them with ‘accepts_marketing’ set to true. Useful for third-party email marketing and more.