Pre-order automations

PreProduct can automate certain processes via the automations section of the app. You can find this screen after clicking into the “setup” menu in the app. Below is a list of the currently available automations.

Email a weekly pre-order report every Friday #

Your store email will be sent a .CSV spreadsheet every Friday containing information for all of the pre-orders that past week.

Runs every Friday.

Listing manager #

PreProduct can create and finish pre-order listings for you as variants go in and out of stock. This automation relies on the templates feature to dictate settings. Products can only be listed if they have an applicable template. (available on plus and platinum-plus plans)

Runs when a product’s details or stock levels change in some way.

Auto-charge – trigger charges as stock is added #

Best for charge-later, deposit-upfront and charge-upfront pre-orders. PreProduct will automatically trigger charges when stock is added in Shopify. Consider a product that starts at zero stock which then takes two pre-orders of 1 unit each. The stock level will reduce to -2 in the Shopify admin. Increasing stock by 1 to -1 will trigger one charge. For charge-upfront pre-orders, fulfilment hold will be released instead as customers already charged.

Runs 4 times a day.

Auto-charge – trigger charges as stock is added above 0 #

Best for capture-only pre-orders as they don’t decrement stock at the time of pre-order. PreProduct will automatically trigger charges when stock goes above 0 for a product/variant. The number it will trigger is proportional to the current stock level.

Runs 4 times a day.

Create opted-in Shopify customer for unpaid pre-orders #

Whenever someone pre-orders and doesn’t then complete a payment through your checkout, PreProduct will create a Shopify customer for them with ‘accepts_marketing’ set to true. Useful for third-party email marketing and more.

Runs 4 times a day.

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