Bulk Product Lister

The bulk product lister allows you to create multiple product listings all with the same configuration, at the same time.

This feature is highly beneficial for stores with a large number of products that they wish to list for pre-order, as it reduces the time you need to spend listing individual products for pre-order.

The steps to use the bulk lister are explained below:

Bulk lister steps #

  • Navigate to PreProduct and click the ‘New Listing’ option from the top menu
listing a new product
  • Ignore 1 (‘Create a new product’), and scroll down to 2 (‘Which product would you like to list’), and below this click on ‘Bulk Create Listings’. This will take you directly to the Bulk Lister.
  • You will then be able to select all of the products that you want to list for pre-order. You can use the search field to search for specific products if needed.
  • Once all of the products you would like to list for pre-order have been selected you can select a set of configurations below.

Bulk listing selection section

Configuration options #

When will you be ready to ship to customers? #

PreProduct offers two approaches; a period in days (which will automatically be reduced by one every 24 hours), or a fixed phrase e.g. ‘next season’. The ‘something else’ box allows you to switch between the two options.

Early bird discount #

This number field will create a discount if populated.
For deferred charge pre-orders, a discount will be embedded into the order itself. For other listing kinds, PreProduct will directly change your product’s/variant’s ‘price’ and ‘compare at price’ in Shopify. The former, a discounted version of the latter. 
(note, when PreProduct listings are finished, this discount is reversed).

Deposit upfront mode #

PreProduct offers the ability to require a deposit for pre-orders. 

  • This will mean that after a customer pre-orders that product, they’ll automatically be forwarded to your checkout to pay the deposit.
  • Once you’re ready to start collecting payment, you can trigger the deferred charges. Deferred charges will automatically charge the customers card on file. 

Charge-later mode #

By default charge-later will be selected, meaning that customers are sent through checkout at the time of pre-order to accept the future charge. Then in the future, you can trigger this deferred charge on their card.

Charge upfront mode #

Just like the name suggests, customers are charged at the time of pre-order.

Capture-only mode #

Customers will enter their order details, along with a name + email. Then when you’re ready to charge customers, a payment link email is sent out.

Note: listings are created in the background and we create about 20 a minute so if you are trying to list for example 100, this may take about 5 minutes for them all to be created, and showing the dashboard. For ShopifyPlus stores it is about 200 a minute.

Advanced section #

Applicable templates override the below settings #

When ticked this means that when a product has an applicable template set up, the listing will be overridden to use those configurations, rather than the bulk listing’s configuration.

Only create listings when there’s an applicable template #

When this checkbox is selected it means that listings will only be created if the selected product has an applicable template.

Bulk Finish listings #

To bulk finish listings you just need to go to the bulk lister, select the specific products you wish to finish the listings for, then scroll down the page and select “Finish Listings”.

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