Customising the front-end

PreProduct’s cart is half order-capture-tool / half communication-tool. Capturing orders for future products often requires further explanation e.g delivery times, payment expectations, limited discounts. (The PreProduct email campaign can always be used if things change later on).

Wording #

Much like the button widget, the wording is customisable apart from the button and dynamic fields dictated in your listing setup. In the below example, these dynamic variables are ’10%’, ’36 days’ and ‘£27.00’.To change the rest of the wording, head to the ‘customise wording’ page in PreProduct, accessed via the ‘setup’ page.

cart showing dynamic variables

The wording displayed will change depending on the type of pre-order listing in effect; pre-order, discounted pre-order or crowdfunded pre-order. Click on the ‘listing type’ from the right-hand-side menu of the ‘customise wording page’ to select the scenario that you’d like to customise.

customise cart wording

Localisation #

PreProduct offers customised wording by locale. We currently offer up to five separate translations. The ‘customise wording’ page is set to your primary translation by default, click on the initials of a different language from the bottom right menu to switch between translation sets.


Colours #

As default the PreProduct front-end uses black and grey for it’s colour scheme. This generally delivers a neutral, but legible interface. However, if you would like to change the colours, this can be done from the ‘setup’ page in PreProduct. The ‘primary colour’ changes the button colour.

Native button mode #

If you’re using your site’s native buttons for pre-orders, then it’s recommended to toggle the ‘native button mode’ switch at the top right of the screen. This will let you edit the native button wording as well as button companion text and settings.

Dynamic variables #

Any custom wording field can use the dynamic variables at the bottom of the screen. These will be evaluated within the context of the current listing.

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