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Every PreProduct listing has its own email campaign, which can be used to communicate with customers, as well as send payment links. The emails can be customised via the ’email flows’ menu in PreProduct. 

The emails #

There are four different types of email that can be utilised in the campaign:

Confirmation (triggered when the customer pre-orders)

An email confirming the pre-order with the customer, as well as re-iterating the pre-order process and their order details.

Update (an optional email that can be sent out at any time)

Update emails, that are triggered from the PreProduct product dashboards. Need to make changes to the product or shipping date? Want to engage further with the customer? This is the place to do it.

Upcoming charge (When using deferred charge pre-orders, an upcoming charge email to advise customers of the upcoming charge)

The default setting is 0 hours, which means the email won’t send. You can activate it by adding a non-zero value in the ‘setup’ screen. This will also dictate how long PreProduct waits between sending this email.

Payment (Only needed for capture-only emails)

For when you’re ready to send payment links out collect payment from customers. This email contains payment links that send customers to your native cart or checkout, pre-populated with their order.

Failed charge (For failed deferred charge payments)

PreProduct has the ability to send failed charge emails for failed deferred charge payments, this is used in the scenario when a customer’s card fails.

Email flow for deferred-charge pre-orders:

Email flow for Charge Later pre-orders

Email flow for Capture Only pre-orders:

Dynamic variables #

There are a number of dynamic variables available to you from the email editing screen. To use one, within curly brackets simply type its name into the editor, or click on it and it will be inserted after your latest keystroke. Please note not all variables are available for all emails.

Here is a current list:

  • {{product_name}}
  • {{variant_name}}
  • {{variant_price}}
  • {{customer_name}}
  • {{discount_percentage}}
  • {{deposit_amount_paid}}
  • {{ship_date}}
  • {{days_until_ship}}
  • {{customer_portal_link}}
  • {{product_image}}
  • {{order_summary}}
  • {{payment_link_to_cart}}
  • {{payment_link_to_checkout}}
  • {{outstanding_amount_to_pay}}
  • {{reason_for _failed_charge}}
  • {{order_thankyou_page_link}}

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