Why is the ‘add to cart’ button showing when a pre-order is listed?

PreProduct lazy-loads as to not affect your main page speed.

This can happen in the lag time before the ‘buy now’/ ‘add to cart’ button is hidden. Really slow internet connections can give a bigger window of opportunity for the ‘buy now’ button to be clicked. We can add a line of code which will stop this happening in the future. If you would like us to add this line of code please email us at hello@preproduct.io

If the buy button is appearing without being hidden soon afterwards, please get in touch and we’ll address it. 

If you’d like to make the code change yourself, please add the below snippet within your <button> tag. It’s important to be very careful when editing code as crucial as add-to-cart buttons.

 {% if product.metafields.preproduct.preorder %} style="display:none;" {% endif %}

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