Translations for pre-order wording and button

PreProduct offers the ability to customise your front-end, the different ways to do this will be covered below. 

Front-end wording #

To translate the PreProduct front-end wording for your listings, simply navigate to the “set-up” screen in PreProduct. Then click the “customise wording” button.

PreProduct also offers the ability to set secondary translations for the front-end. This will be displayed according to the locale of the customer if it is not the stores primary language. Secondary translations currently include; Portuguese, Spanish, German, French and English. These translations can be accessed from the bottom of the “Front-end wording” screen. (If you need another secondary language translation that is not yet included, please email us and we can add this for you).

translation options
Translation options

Front-end button #

PreProduct detects the customers language and the displays the Pre-order button in the correct language. The button is the only front-end wording that can not be changed via the customise wording screen. This is because we like to type-set the button text instead of using live text, as we find this looks a lot better.

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