Editing the checkout terms and conditions label

When a pre-order item is in your store’s cart, Shopify will automatically show a terms and conditions box that the customer needs to tick before paying and completing the checkout.

the pre-order terms and conditions box

As far as we are aware Shopify does not currently allow you to remove this field, however you can edit the wording. Whilst increasing conversion at checkout is hugely important, ensuring customers are fully aware that they are pre-ordering an item will be very beneficial from a customer service perspective.

To edit the wording, navigate to your Shopify “online store” admin and then:

  • Open your theme’s settings dropdown and select “Edit default theme content”
  • The search can be a little difficult on this page, but entering the phrase “purchase” seems to work.
  • Then look for or find (Command+f / Control+f) the “Purchase options agreement label” field.
  • Enter the wording that you would like to show next to the checkbox.
  • Click save and you’re done!

Updating the pre-order terms and conditions box

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