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Deposits on Shopify pre-orders


PreProduct has a lot of functionality around charging customers later for pre-orders, but what if you would like some money paid upfront? Perhaps you have an expensive product range or would like to ensure customers are committed to their pre-orders?
PreProduct has a fully automated deposits system which works through your existing Shopify checkout.


Summary #

  • When setting up a pre-order listing you can choose from the advanced section to require a deposit.
  • This will mean that after a customer pre-orders that product, they’ll automatically be forwarded to your checkout to pay the deposit.
  • Once you’re ready to start collecting payment, you can trigger payment links to send out to all of your pre-order customers. These payment links link to your checkout, pre-populated with their order + an automated discount code (to compensate for their deposit paid).


Step-by-step #


Setup #

  1. Navigate to the ‘list a future product’ screen in PreProduct and select the product you would like to list.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click ‘Advanced’, then check the ‘require a deposit’ box. You should be greeted with a pop-up modal.

  3. Now enter the amount which customers will have to pay upfront per item and click ‘create listing’. The amount entered defaults to your store’s main currency.



Deposit set-up screen



Front-end #

  • A PreProduct deposit listing will have a different third line to normal in its widget, explaining that a deposit is required, how much it is and then an incentive phrase afterwards.
  • The wording can all be edited via the ‘customise wording’ screen in PreProduct. Just make sure to select ‘deposit based pre-order’ before editing.


Pre-order button showing deposit



  • Once the customer fills out their order/name/email and clicks pre-order, they will be shown this message (customisable under the name ‘Success notification and deposit message’ from the customise wording screen).


Success notification pop-up



  • After clicking ok, they will then be redirected to your checkout, pre-loaded with the deposit needed to secure their pre-order.


Check-out pre-loaded with deposit



Back-end #

  • Like any other PreProduct listing, a deposit pre-order has three stages; ‘capture’ (‘& deposit’ in this case), ‘charge & capture’ and ‘not a pre-order’. 
  • Deposits will only be required in this first stage, once you trigger payment links, customers will be directed straight to checkout to pay the product’s full amount.
  • Pre-orders in a deposit listing will only be counted once the customer purchases the deposit. Although PreProduct will still record pre-orders where the customer is still yet to pay.
  • Below you can see how pre-orders display in PreProduct when a deposit has been paid for (they’ll show a greyed out ‘deposit not paid’ when they haven’t been.


Customer pre-order display showing deposit paid



  • When you’re ready to start collecting full payment for a deposit pre-order, just click the ‘send payment links & start charging’ button in the PreProduct product admin.
  • Notice the ‘Only send to depositees’ option, this checkbox tells PreProduct whether you would like to just send payment links out to customers who paid their deposit or to everyone who completed the initial pre-order process.


Tick box to only send payment links to depositees



  • Customers will then receive a payment link which will lead to your checkout, pre-loaded with their order and a discount code to reconcile the amount already paid for via deposit.



Behind the scenes #

  • PreProduct will create a hidden ‘deposit’ product in your Shopify admin. Customers will be sent to your checkout to purchase this ‘deposit product’ whenever they pre-order.
  • Payment links will include an automated discount code to compensate for the paid deposit.
    This is all automated and managed by PreProduct and Shopify.



Manually recording deposits #

  • When a customer places a pre-order but doesn’t use the same email at checkout as they did for the pre-order, PreProduct will not record their deposit as paid. However you can manually go into PreProduct and update this. 
  • To do this, go to the product listing in the PreProduct dashboard. Then in the ‘Customers Pre-orders’ section, find the customers order and then click on the ‘Manually record deposit payment’ link. This will update the Deposit to show as paid.


manually recording deposit