Infinite Options – product options & bundling integration

About Infinite Options #

Infinite Options is a Shopify app that aims to upgrade your store with infinite product options; whether that’s customizable colours, options, swatches or bundles.

The Integration #

We’ve worked with the ShopPad team so that you can now pre-sell products with infinite options. Whether that’s charging 100% upfront, later or via deposits. The integration also supports bundles which will be added to the order as charge-upfront items (with the expectation that these would be fulfilled when the main pre-order item is ready).

Running through the pre-order infinite options flow

Limitations #

The add-on or bundled products will only be respected when PreProduct’s redirect is set to “cart”.

Setup #

You’ll need both Infinite Options and PreProduct installed on your Shopify store. Additionally, our app block should be in your product page.

PreProduct’s support team can offer any help needed setting up or troubleshooting.

Adding the integration snippet
To use the integration, you’ll need to add the following snippet on a new line before the </head> tag in your theme.liquid file.

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script> 

…and you’re done. From now on when the pre-order button is clicked, PreProduct will briefly pause to allow Infinite Options to add bundles to the store’s cart before it adds the main product.

The integrated snippet in a Shopify theme.liquid file

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