Personizely integration – cross and upsell pre-orders

About Personizely #

Personizely is a Shopify app that aims to “Turn your website into a conversion machine”. It integrates email popups, exit intent, and upsell features to optimize sales.

The integration #

We’ve worked with the Personizely team on an integration so you can cross and upsell pre-orders from product pages that have active PreProduct listings, as well as cross/upsell products that are actively on pre-order, even if it’s deferred-charge.

Setup #

You’ll need both Personizely and PreProduct installed on your Shopify store. Additionally, our app block should be installed on your product page (Personizely’s snippet should auto-install).

Listing cross/upsell pre-order products #

Activate the integration
Begin by listing a product in PreProduct for pre-order. This can be accomplished by clicking the “New listing” menu in the app.

Next, go to the Personizely dashboard, and start by enabling the PreProduct integration. Click on the “Settings” main menu item, then the “Integrations” tab. Find the PreProduct entry and select “Connect”.

Activating the integration

From the Personizely main menu, click “Widgets”, then select “Cross-sell and upsell”. (Personizely video with more detail)

Creating a cross/up-sell widget

Proceed through the wizard, ensuring in step 2 to include the products you wish to cross-sell and upsell via pre-order. Once you’ve completed the wizard, you should see an editor screen similar to the one below.

Activating 'pre-order' mode

Click on the side of the widget preview, and from the left-hand drawer, select “Pre-order” from the “Cart action” drop-down menu.

Once you’re satisfied with the rest of the settings, click the “Save” button from the top right of the screen, and then click the toggle next to it to publish.

Please note that only products with an active listing in PreProduct can use the special “Pre-order” cart action.

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