Editing and deleting pre-orders

Editing and deleting Shopify pre-orders can be done via the PreProduct product dashboard or the Customers screen. Please note: only Capture only pre-orders can be edited.

The two processes are explained below:

PreProduct product dashboard #

1.Click the name of the PreProduct listing that has pre-orders that you would like to edit from the main dashboard.

2.Then scroll down to the Customer Pre-orders section and click on the ‘See all’ button.

3.This will bring up a list of all of the pre-orders for the listing. You can edit individual pre-orders by clicking the ‘manage’ button, you can then edit the variant quantity and notes. Ensure you click ‘Save pre-order’ after the changes are made.

4.These details will be displayed when you include the {{order_summary}} variable in customer emails.

Customers Screen #

1.Navigate to the ‘Customers’ screen in PreProduct.

2.This will then show you all pre-order customers.

3.You can then search for a customers name in the search bar, or alternatively if you want to view all customers who have pre-ordered a specific product you could select the product from the product drop down menu.

4.Once you have found the specific customer, you can then click the ‘manage’ button to view all of their pre-orders and can then edit the pre-order, once finished ensure you click ‘Save pre-order’.

Deleting a pre-order #

To delete a pre-order, follow either of the above processes to find the specific customer’s pre-order and then click ‘Cancel pre-order’ and then ‘confirm’. 

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