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Setting and editing Shopify pre-order limits


All products listed in PreProduct for pre-order can have a maximum limit set for each variant listed. 


Setting pre-order limits #

Setting max limits for variants can be done when creating a new product listing in PreProduct. Navigate to the ‘New Listing’ screen and under the ‘Advanced’ option, tick the box ‘Set max pre-order limits (have to be 0 in stock)’ and input the maximum pre-orders you would like to set for each variant. Ensure you input a number in each field/variant or it will be set as zero.


setting pre-order limits
Setting pre-order limits


Editing pre-order limits #

To modify pre-order limits, click on the name of the product you wish to modify from the PreProduct dashboard. The scroll down to the ‘By Variant’ section and click on ‘Update pre-order limits’. Here you can change the limits as well as remove all of the limits. 

*Please note whenever a pre-order variant reaches it limit it will no longer show a pre-order button or a buy now button, so the product can not be over sold.


updating pre-order limits