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Listing & editing variants for a pre-order


PreProduct allows for certain variants of a product to be pre-ordered, whilst other variants are buy now or sold out.


Setup #

  • When listing a new pre-order product in PreProduct, variants can be selected in the advanced tab. 

  • Scroll to the bottom of the New Listing screen and click ‘Advanced’, then tick the box ‘Only list specific variants’.

  • Then select the variants you wish to list for pre-order and click ‘create listing’. 


listing variants



Dashboard #

  • There is a ‘By Variant’ section of the dashboard where you can view which variants have been listed for pre-order. This is located in the bottom left of the dashboard.

viewing variants in dashboard of PreProduct



Changes to variants #

  • If you wish to make a variant that is not currently a pre-order available for pre-order, you can do this by clicking on the ‘Not a PreProduct listing’ button in the ‘By Variant’ section of the dashboard. A pop-up box will appear as below and you just need to click OK.

adding a variants to pre-order


  • To modify which variants are for pre-order you can do this via the ‘Set pre-order limits’ screen, which can be accessed via the By Variant section.

set pre-order limits