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The PreProduct button widget will dynamically replace your ‘buy now’ button, whenever that product/variant has an active listing in PreProduct. above the button is three small lines of text for communicating with customers.


Wording #

The wording of the three lines will change depending on the listing type; pre-order, discounted pre-order or crowdfunded pre-order. The dynamic content which is displayed is dictated by your listing setup. The rest of the wording can be customised via from the ‘setup’/‘customise-wording’ page in PreProduct.
For example, the ’10%’ in the below screenshot has been dictated by the listing setup, the rest of the wording can be altered from the ‘customise wording’ page.





Colours #

As default, the PreProduct front-end uses black and grey for it’s colour scheme. This generally delivers a neutral, but legible interface. However, if you would like to change the colours, this can be done from the ‘setup’ page in PreProduct. The ‘primary colour’ setting changes the button colour.

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