Failed charge emails

PreProduct has the ability to send failed charge emails for failed deferred charge payments, this is used in the scenario when a customer’s card fails.

How to send failed charge emails #

  • Navigate to the Dashboard screen in PreProduct.
  • Then select the specific product that has pre-orders with failed charges.
  • Then go to the ‘See All’ screen.
  • Under ‘Actions’ select ‘Send failed charge emails’.
  • You can then select specific pre-order or filter pre-orders, for example by ‘failed charge’.

  • This email explains to the customer that the outstanding payment (deferred charge) for their pre-order has been unable to be processed.
  • It then asks the customer to double check their payment information, and states the specific reason (expired card, insufficient funds etc) the payment has failed.
  • This then links them to their Shopify status page, which has the option for them to pay off the order, or alternatively if they do not pay the outstanding amount, PreProduct will schedule the charge to be re-tried again in 24 hours from when the email was triggered.
  • The email can be edited in the email flows screen

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