Headless pre-orders
for launching products


pay-later pre-orders

deposit-based pre-orders

pay-now pre-orders

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Some of the stores we work with:

Assign to others

Pre-sell & Measure interest via our Shopify-backed headless pre-orders system

Put in a vault

List new products earlier and receive sales in advance

Powerful search

Charge customers upfront or in the future via payment-links (deposits also supported)

Stay connected

Control pre-orders in a more accurate way, pre-sales are kept in their own system until they have been paid for

Fast messaging

Reduce the uncertainty of releasing new products/SKUs

Share with others

Interact and keep customers up to date with PreProduct’s personalisable email structure

Put in a vault

Receive payments sooner & boost your cash flow

Fast messaging

Integrates with Shopify’s back-end. Add two lines of code to integrate with your front-end

Share with others

Lightweight on the front-end
to keep your site’s page speed fast

How does PreProduct work?

You shouldn’t have to wait until stock hits your warehouse to list your next product.
With PreProduct, businesses can receive sales for new/future product releases at several points in the process the choice is yours with out next generation headless pre-orders system. Gauge interest before committing to ordering stock or collecting sales before inventory is received.
Payment can be collected upfront or in the future via deferred charge.

“PreProduct is the greatest Shopify add-on if you need to have the ability to pre-book items without having to charge customers until the product actually ships. It gives you the possibility to determine demand before committing to production and/or financing. Highly recommended!” “


pre-order cart

Types of pre-order

Capture Only

Just the order and customer details are captured at the time of pre-order. Deferred charges are triggered until store is ready.

Charge Later

The customer goes through checkout at the time of pre-order and agrees to a deferred charge. That charge is triggered once the store is ready.

Deposit Upfront

The customer goes through checkout at the time of pre-order and pays a deposit, with the outstanding amount paid later via deferred-charge.

Charge Upfront

Full payment is taken upfront, but still benefits from email campaign and customer portal updates.

“Run, don’t walk and install PreProduct! We’ve been a very long time looking for the perfect pre order app and can happily report we’ve found it! The deferred payment options and flexibility are absolute game changers, and better yet – the support and service”





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