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Flexible pre-orders for headless stores

Launch new products
with headless

Pre-sell from any website with headless pre-orders. Start pre-selling to increase cashflow & hype around your next release.

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Some of the brands
we’ve worked with:

Flexible charging

Charge upfront, later, or by deposit. Customer cards are vaulted to avoid the authorization period.

Communicate with customers

Use custom front-end wording, email and customer portals to manage customer expectations.

Increase the sales window

Deferred charge allows you to confidently sell earlier.

Integrated Fulfilment

Stop pre-orders from being prematurely shipped with fulfilment holds.

Headless compatible

Going headless shouldn’t mean you lose the ability to capture pre-orders.

new product development cycle

Take payment straight away or later via deferred-charge

Flexible charging

Take pre-orders for your next product in a way that makes sense for your business. Deferred payment options mean that payment is only triggered when you activate them. Either on the customer or individual product level.

Customers can start flowing from a pre-order button through your checkout with just two lines of code added to your code base. Payment and fulfilment are released according to your PreProduct setup.

“We recently added PreProduct to our storefront so that we can start accepting deposits for items we are awaiting stock on. The app was easy to install. The communication and support is fantastic. We needed some small changes to the way the product buttons looked on the site and the team was able to make these changes for us. Would recommend this app if you are looking to accept preorders and deposits for your site.”

– ATM Living review

Capture pre-sales without adding to customer service load

Effortless pre-order communication

Keep customers fully informed of how long the wait is until the pre-order item will ship. PreProduct gives you the ability to set product/cart/checkout page wording, alongside customer portals and optional email campaigns. This ensures a great customer experience from pre-order button click all the way through to the order being received.

Note that you can change your shipping statement or date at any time, according to the latest estimation of when inventory will arrive at your warehouse.

“Great application, it solved all of the issues I was looking to solve. Amazing customer service as well. They did the implementation for me and customized a few requestion of mine quickly. Customer support response time was under 12 hours. Highly recommend this application.”

– Ready Rig Store review

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Some of the brands
we work with:

Install PreProduct and capture pre-orders in a seamless way

The right integrations with your platform and fulfilment

Fulfillable orders only flow through to your provider once you trigger charges or successfully collect customer payments. Meaning you’re in control of communicating to your platform when stock hits your warehouse.

Monitor and interact with pre-orders in their own system, as well as your platform admin, giving you clarity and control of when orders were taken and when they’ll ship.

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“We work in a very niche market and the PreProduct team have been so amazing helping us get set up and customizing our pre-order setup. I thought taking pre-orders would be a nightmare, but with PreProduct, it’s been incredibly easy. Thank you guys for making this a seamless experience! I highly recommend this app!”

– Paragon FX Group review

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Pricing Plans for Headless Pre-orders


For small to medium sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission on up to 5k of monthly paid pre-order revenue, then 0.5% afterwards.

Take me to the Shopify App Store – 7 day free trial

All of Growth features

Access to Listing Manager automation

Priority support

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Platinum Plus

For medium to large sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission

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Our top plan with all the features

Developer support (2 hour p/m quota)

0% commission

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Headless Pre-order FAQ

Yes, if you’re platform is Shopify, then any pre-order payments will flow through your usual checkout, order and fulfilment systems.

Will pre-order payment flow through my shopify checkout?

If you take pre-orders a very long time before you trigger deferred charges, then you might see failed card errors within PreProduct. You can use PreProduct’s dunning flow to alert customers of this and give them a link to make the outstanding pre-order payment.

What happens if a customers card expires?

Yep, you have the flexibility to to change the shipping statement at any point from within the PreProduct app.

Can I change my pre-order charge date?

If you use deposit or charge-later listings, then it’s completely up to you when to trigger pre-order charges. PreProduct also offers automations that will watch your inventory level and charge as stock is added into your platform.

Will pre-orders automatically charge?

Yep, PreProduct is compatible with Shopify Hydrogen.

Does Preproduct work with Shopify hydrogen?

We have a doc here on integrating with headless sites. Regular websites generally just require a <script> tag and a <div>, where as single page applications (SPAs) can take a few more steps (we have a doc on that here)

As always, feel free to reach out to our support!

How do I take pre-orders from my headless site?

Yep, you’ll just need to install PreProduct, create a listing, then add PreProduct’s code snippet to your site’s head. Doc from WordPress here, doc from us here.

Can I take pre-orders from WordPress?

PreProduct can be set up to use your native site’s cart button for pre-orders. (doc here). PreProduct will then hijack the button when appropriate.

Can I use my usual add-to-cart button for pre-orders?

Headless commerce, sometimes known as ‘composable commerce’, is a website architecture that decouples the front-end from the back-end system. This can make for a more flexible development flow, especially when multiple teams are involved.

What is headless commerce?

Pre-order software touches both the front and back-end of a website. In PreProduct’s case, this means a small snippet of code needs to be added to the front-end, whilst an API integration needs to happen with the back-end of the platform/site.

How can headless/composable commerce be used for pre-orders?