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Launch new products
with a next-gen
Stripe pre-order system

You shouldn’t have to wait until stock hits your warehouse to sell your next product. Start capturing pre-orders to boost sales & demand.

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Charge Now, Later or via Deposit

Choose to charge upfront, later, or with partial payments (deposits). PreProduct gives you the flexibility to manage payments your way.

Keep Customers updated

Reassure your pre-order customers with personalized front-end messaging, targeted email campaigns, and dedicated pre-order portals.

Powerful Stripe Integration

PreProduct uses your Stripe account, allowing flexible payment flows alongside tax and fraud protection.

Pre-sell zero stock products

PreProduct lets you take pre-orders from your storefront whatever their stock quantity

Secure Revenue Earlier

Secure future sales and revenue in advance to improve your ecommerce cash flow and plan with confidence.

new product development cycle

Unlock early sales from your online storefront with confidence

Stripe pre-orders with flexible charging

With PreProduct’s powerful platform, you have complete control over when to charge. Whether you prefer to collect payments upfront, upon item availability, or through a mix of both (deposits), the choice is yours. This flexibility allows Stripe-backed stores to comfortably take pre-orders for products with long lead times.

Empower your business to pre-sell, accurately assess market demand, and boost cash flow, ensuring your team remains informed and in control. Join a growing network of trusted merchants generating millions in pre-orders every month with PreProduct.

We work in a very niche market and the PreProduct team have been so amazing helping us get set up and customizing our pre-order setup. I thought taking pre-orders would be a nightmare, but with PreProduct, it’s been incredibly easy. Thank you guys for making this a seamless experience! I highly recommend this app!

– Paragon FX Group review

Keep Customers in the Loop from Product Page to Shipping

Keep Pre-Order Customers Excited and Informed

Maintain customer trust and loyalty throughout the pre-order journey with custom front-end messaging, dedicated portals, and targeted email campaigns. Ensure your customers are always updated with the latest shipping estimations, minimizing additional customer support queries and providing a reliable channel for updates.

Need to adjust the anticipated shipping date? No worries. Send a quick update email and reassure customers that they can always check their pre-order portal for the latest information. With PreProduct handling pre-order communication, you can focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

“Run, don’t walk and install PreProduct! We’ve been a very long time looking for the perfect pre order app and can happily report we’ve found it! The deferred payment options and flexibility are absolute game changers, and better yet – the support and service”

– Accurascale review

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Some of the brands
we work with:

pre-order dashboard

Dedicated Stripe Pre-Order Functionality

Seamless Integration with Stripe

Oversee pre-orders within a dedicated system connected to Stripe. PreProduct creates orders, checkouts, shipping rates, tax rates and products in your Stripe account. By compartmentalising pre-orders, you can eliminate the risk of premature processing or fulfilment.

When you’re ready to fulfil pre-orders, simply trigger charges from PreProduct and/or fulfilment to collect payment and prepare for delivery.

“The app does what it says. In our case it enables us to start selling and test the popularity of different variants so we can make important decisions with design and product add-ons before we start production. PreProduct is a great app that is highly recommended for anyone who wants to get the sales going before product is ready to ship. Customer service is top notch.”

– Brønn review

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Stripe Pre-orders Pricing Plans


For smaller sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission on up to 5k of monthly paid pre-order revenue, then 0.5% afterwards.

All of Growth features

Access to Listing Manager automation

Priority support

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Platinum Plus

For medium to large sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission

Our top plan with all the features

Developer support (2 hour p/m quota)

0% commission

Webflow pre-order waiting list

Stripe Pre-orders FAQ

While Stripe doesn’t offer native pre-order functionality, as of 2024 they recommend taking customer payment card details upfront and charging once you’re ready to ship. PreProduct does this for you by capturing the customer’s payment method at checkout for future use (safely vaulted in Stripe).

Can I offer pre-orders with Stripe?

Stripe supports transactions regardless of inventory levels when used with PreProduct. This allows you to take pre-orders for out-of-stock items, ensuring your store can capture sales even when the inventory is zero or negative.

How do I handle products that have an inventory of 0 with Stripe?

To use your own buttons with PreProduct, you’ll just need to add two data-attributes to your regular add-to-cart buttons (part of onboarding if desired). PreProduct will then hijack the button and use it for pre-orders whenever there’s an active pre-order listing.

How do I set up a pre-order button with Stripe?

Communication is key for pre-orders. With PreProduct, you can send out update emails to inform customers of any changes at any point. They can also access their dedicated pre-order portal anytime to check for real-time information and product availability dates.

What happens if there’s a change in the expected release date of a pre-ordered item?

PreProduct integrates directly with Stripe, so no additional plugins are required. However, you will need an account with Stripe.

Do I need any other tools or plugins installed for this functionality?

Yes! With PreProduct, you can manage bulk listings for pre-orders efficiently. Use our bulk lister or listing manager automation to create listings, and utilize PreProduct’s templates feature to update and sync groups of listings.

Can I bulk list pre-orders with Stripe?

PreProduct offers the option to charge either upfront or later for pre-orders, allowing you to charge customers when ready (deposits also supported). This provides flexibility in managing when and how payments are processed.

Do pre-orders take money immediately?