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Offer pre-orders with flexible charging and communication to boost sales and customer demand before your stock arrives.

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Charge when and how you want

PreProduct supports charging upfront, later or via deposit. Allowing you to bill customers only when the product becomes available.

Customer touchpoints

Keep customers informed with specified pre-order messaging, dedicated email campaigns, and customer portals. Ensuring trust and reassurance throughout the campaign.

Platform integrations optional

Push to and sync with an ecommerce platform or use on it’s own to pre-sell online. Allowing you to safely pre-sell upcoming products before you’re ready to fulfil.

Gauge interest

Measure customer interest in a safe way that lets you capture orders. PreProduct’s charge-later pre-orders don’t start any card transactions until you trigger them.

Capture revenue sooner

Enhance your cash flow and secure future orders ahead of time by accepting pre-orders.

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Pre-sell online and accept pre-orders with confidence

Choose when to charge your pre-order sales

Leverage PreProduct’s advanced pre-order functionality and choose the optimal billing time for your situation — be it upfront, later upon product availability, or through partial payments. This flexibility empowers merchants to meet consumer demand and confidently accept pre-orders for products with extended lead times.

By capturing pre-orders early, you can meet existing customer demand and boost cash flow even while the product is still under development.

With PreProduct, implementing a safe pre-order strategy that lets you understand demand and maximise your revenue has never been simpler. Join a growing community of ecommerce retailers that pre-sell online, charging customers millions of dollars in pre-orders each month.

“This app is was exactly what I needed and the customer service is second to none. We pre-sold many of our winter jackets because of this tool.”

– Pilot Athletic review

Efficient ways of informing customers and maintaining trust

Effective communication while you pre-sell online

Keeping customers assured and comfortable during a pre-order campaign is an important part of making sure pre-orders work. With PreProduct, you’ll have a toolbox of custom front-end messaging, portals, and email flows; you’ll be able to make sure your customers are well-informed about any revised shipping date changes or upcoming charges. Let PreProduct manage the communication, reducing the customer support load for pre-order products availability or expected shipping dates.

If there’s a shift in the expected shipping date? No problem. Send out a quick email update, and remind your customers they can access their dedicated ecommerce pre-order portal at any time for the most up-to-date order status.

“This app is really unique and easy to set up, with some features that I have not found in any other app. The support is REALLY helpful and you can count on them anytime you need. If I could I would give PreProduct a million stars, that is the best app ever!”

– Clube Importador review

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Some of the brands
we work with:

Grant early access to your target audience with pre-ordering

Harness pre-sales for your next product launch

Start selling your next release earlier to increase sales and build customer loyalty. By managing uncertain supply chains with the flexibility that charge-later pre-orders provide, you can start selling at the earliest possible availability. Pre-orders also have many other benefits like lowering the chance of storing idle inventory or having to discount the full sales price later on.

By using PreProduct as your pre-order manager, it means you can focus on other parts of the launch like the manufacturing process, marketing campaigns and generating excitement.

“We work in a very niche market and the PreProduct team have been so amazing helping us get set up and customizing our pre-order setup. I thought taking pre-orders would be a nightmare, but with PreProduct, it’s been incredibly easy. Thank you guys for making this a seamless experience! I highly recommend this app!”

– Paragon FX Group review

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Pre-order Pricing Plans


For small to medium sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission on up to 5k of monthly paid pre-order revenue, then 0.5% afterwards.

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All of Growth features

Access to Listing Manager automation

Priority support

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Platinum Plus

For medium to large sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission

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Developer support (2 hour p/m quota)

0% commission

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Pre-orders FAQ

At the very least you’ll need product images of your factory samples and an online store or website. You can then use third-party software like PreProduct alongside a supported payment processor like Stripe to capture/communicate/manage/charge pre-orders.

How do I pre-sell online?

Yes, as ecommerce merchants, you can capture customers for out of stock products, depending on the legal environment you operate in. We offer different kinds of pre-orders depending on the commitment level you want to sell products with. Payment link and 100% charge-later pre-orders are potentially more compliant with customer’s rights in certain regions, due to the fact that no money is changing hands until the customers informed that you’re ready to ship.

Can pre-orders be sold out?

This may vary depending on the platform your website is built on. If it’s an ecommerce platform, then there is often a “Continue selling when out of stock” or a “Do not track inventory” checkbox in the product admin which will allow a zero or out of stock product to pass through checkout. You would then need to change the wording of your “add to cart” button to “pre-order”.

Please note, the above is a very bare bones implementation. We would recommend using a third-party app like PreProduct that handles this for you. It will automatically generate a pre-order button for you or alternatively hijack your add-to-cart button and use it for pre-orders when appropriate.

How to set up a pre-order Button?

Pre-sales can charge straight away or they can charge later or use split payments. Most platforms support charge-upfront functionality, you’ll need a third-party app like PreProduct for more flexible charging functionality.

Do pre-orders charge straight away?

A pre-order sale is a transaction where shoppers commit to purchasing a product before it’s readily available or officially launched. This allows retailers to gauge customer interest, and secure revenue in advance of a product’s release. Pre-orders are especially popular for highly anticipated items, limited-edition products, or when supply might be limited. They provide businesses an opportunity to forecast demand, manage inventory efficiently, and reduce risks associated with overproduction. For shoppers, pre-ordering ensures they receive first access to the product, often with perks like limited time discounts or exclusive bonuses.

What is a pre-order sale?

The online store clearly communicates to shoppers that a product is not in stock, but that it’s taking orders ahead of the stock from the next production run arriving. The merchant should agree to keep buyers informed up until the item is ready to ship.

How does a pre-order business work?

As long as you estimated a reasonable timeframe for the pre-sale, most shoppers will be understanding if lead times change a little bit. When using PreProduct, we recommend that these changes are communicated via the email campaigns and pre-order portals.

What happens if there’s a change in the release date of a pre-ordered item?

By shoppers committing to future purchases and potential sale of not-in-stock products, they’re effectively validating (or close to it) that this product would be purchased when on standard sale.

How do pre-orders guage existing customer demand for new products?

You will need a website and an account with a supporting payment provider (Feel free to send us an email for the current options).

Do I need any other tools or plugins installed for this functionality?

The shopper clicks the pre-order button on the product page for out-of-stock items, they are then redirected to checkout where they accept any immediate and future charges.

How pre-orders work?

Transactions for pre-order products can be charged straight away. However, there are third-party tools like PreProduct that offer the option to list other kinds of pre-order like charge-later or deposit-upfront. When you trigger the charge is up to you and can be manually or automatically triggered.

Do pre-orders take money immediately?

Yes, our pre-order system lets you take pre-orders without a fixed ship date for out of stock products. You can notify your customers before they pay/mid-campaign when you have a definite shipping date.

With pre-order campaigns, it’s worth being transparent before purchase, making sure to customise front-end wording via your app, so that people browsing know the complete sales conditions.

Can I still offer a pre-order if I’m not sure when my product will ship?

The pre-order sales campaign starts when you list an out-of-stock or upcoming product for pre-order. It goes through the phases of collecting pre-orders, updating customers via an email campaign or pre-order portal, and finally charging and releasing fulfilment (when any outstanding charges are triggered and fulfilment is released) once the inventory is available.

What is the pre-order campaign life cycle?

Pre-selling, often referred to as “pre-ordering”, is the strategy of offering products for sale before they are physically available or launched. It’s a way for businesses to generate excitement, gauge customer interest, and secure revenue for items that are still in the production phase or awaiting shipment. Pre-selling helps companies better forecast demand, manage inventory, and reduce financial risks. For consumers, it means securing access to highly-anticipated items or enjoying perks such as exclusive offers or discounts for ordering early.

What does pre-sell mean?

Yes, as it’s ‘locked in’ to the individual order, meaning previous pre-order prices will be respected whilst future orders will pay according to the new discount.

Can I change my discount?

Yep, the PreProduct pre-order app is available on the App Store. It has a tight integration with various parts of Shopify like the orders and products admin. Read more about it here.

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