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Level up your hobby store with a first class Pre-order system

Pre-orders for hobby stores Increase orders and cashflow while reducing risk. Order from suppliers with confidence and sales already locked in.

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Take pre-orders for products whatever the lead time

Stop losing sales to your competitors for sold out 
hobby products

Do you have sold-out products live on your website? Are customers contacting you regarding sold-out products? Do you think you are missing out on sales? Setting up pre-orders on your store, means that even when stock is sold out, customers can still pre-order the product.

In our line of business, many of the products we sell can take around a year to arrive in stock so pre-orders are an important way to clinch those extra sales.

But finding the best way to do this has been fraught with problems – that is until we found PreProduct, a fantastic app that has enabled us to easily accept pre-orders whilst remaining compliant with the legislation regarding pre-payments in the UK and also Shopify’s rules.

Even within the free trial period, we had taken enough 
pre-orders to easily cover a month’s subscription. As the saying goes ‘you have to spend money to make money’. Brilliant app and brilliant service.

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Flexible charging

Charge on your terms

With PreProduct you have the option to charge upfront for pre-orders, charge later or use deposit-based pre-orders. You may want to secure revenue upfront, or may want to wait for stock to be available at your suppliers before triggering charges. Whatever the case, it is completely up to you.

Solve the problem of over ordering from your suppliers

Improve inventory management

PreProduct can help your business forecast demand and plan production accordingly. By analysing pre-order data, you can make informed decisions about manufacturing, supply chain management, and inventory allocation. This reduces the risk of over-ordering or under-stocking, thus optimizing cash efficiency.

Ensure customers assured with self-serve tools

Keep your
customer’s updated

PreProduct has a fully customisable email campaign that has the ability to allow you to send customer emails with updates whenever you need to. Want to notify customers their pre-order has been shipped, send them an update email. Customer portals also allow you to update shipping information.

Boost hype and customer loyalty

Build hype for new releases and limited editions

You can use PreProduct to communicate release dates and give priority to loyal customers to reserve new release products. Limited Editions can attract and engage customers, they imply scarcity, which can create a sense of urgency. The fear of missing out can drive people to make a purchase sooner rather than later, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Run, don’t walk and install PreProduct!

We’ve been a very long time looking for the perfect pre order system and can happily report we’ve found it! The deferred payment options and flexibility are absolute game changers, and better yet – the support and service from Oli and his team is second to none.

Could not recommend this solution more highly, 6 stars!


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Some of the brands
we work with:

Start harnessing the power of pre-orders today

Ready to stop losing sales 
for out of stock and future products?

Transform your Hobby business, by using PreProduct’s pre-order system. Our extensive 
pre-order app plugs into your ecommerce platform and allows you to take control, and collect and charge for orders when you want to, even when stock is on back-order, delayed, or you are preparing to release a new product.

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new product development cycle

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Hobby store pre-order pricing


For small to medium sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission on up to 5k of monthly paid pre-order revenue, then 0.5% afterwards.

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All of Growth features

Access to Listing Manager automation

Priority support

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Platinum Plus

For medium to large sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission

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Our top plan with all the features

Developer support (2 hour p/m quota)

0% commission

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Pre-orders for hobby stores FAQ

If you’re using charge-later or deposit-upfront pre-orders, you can just not trigger the remaining charge. For charge-upfront pre-orders, you can cancel via PreProduct and refund via your e-commerce platform.

What happens if I decide not to go forwards with the pre-order?

For Shopify, orders will appear straight away with a “fulfilment hold” on them. For other platforms like BigCommerce, orders will only be created once you trigger charges/fulfilment from PreProduct.

How will orders show up in my ecommerce platform?

Yes you can use our charge later pre-order type to charge customers for the pre-order when you want to. Their card details will be vaulted when they place the pre-order, ready for when you trigger the outstanding charge.

Can I charge the customer once the product is back in stock?

Yes, you can offer an early-bird discount on pre-orders, the discount can be set-up when you list the product for pre-order.

Can I offer a discount as a thank-you to customers who pre-order out of stock products?

We recommend using a pre-order app like PreProduct, so you can still collect orders even when a product is out of stock.

What can I do to stop missing out on sales when my products are out of stock?

PreProduct has a fully customisable email campaign you can utilise. This allows you to send emails to pre-order customers whenever you need. You can update them on shipping timeframes, delays etc. Additionally, updates provided to customers may include information on when their pre-orders are expected to be shipped.

How will i communicate with customers with updates on their pre-order?