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Level up your online store with a next-gen Centra pre-orders system

Build hype, boost cash flow and increase orders before stock hits your warehouse.

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Flexible charging

Charge upfront, later, or by deposit. Customer cards are vaulted to avoid the authorization period.

Customer communication

Keep your customers informed with custom front-end wording, email campaigns, and pre-order portals to ensure transparency and maintain loyalty.

Powerful Platform Integration

PreProduct seamlessly syncs with your Centra admin, allowing pre-orders to flow effortlessly through your store.

Sell Zero Stock Products

Keep orders out of Centra until you’re ready to fulfil. Our system ensures orders stay out of Centra until you’re fully ready to fulfil.

Secure Revenue Earlier

Leverage vaulted payment gateway tech to provide a secure ‘charge later’ mechanism. Boost your cash flow and capture future orders earlier.

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Take pre-orders from your Centra store earlier with confidence

Decide when to charge your Centra pre-orders

With PreProduct’s sophisticated pre-order feature set, you choose when to charge — immediately, later when the product is available, or through partial payments. This empowers Centra merchants to confidently accept pre-orders for items with extended lead times. Taking pre-orders earlier can boost both demand and cash flow while the product isn’t available.

PreProduct simplifies the pre-sale process, allowing you to accurately measure demand and boost your storefront earnings. All this, while ensuring a smooth and reassuring shopping experience for your customers. Join hundreds of merchants collectively taking millions of dollars in pre-orders each month.

“Highly recommended! We use the app since a few days, so customers can pre-order our advent calendar easily. It was much more easier to add PreProduct, then using our ERP to differentiate advent calendar orders. Super easy and fast integration, several languages and variables to fit our needs, best customer service I experienced in a while and preorders counting and counting!”


Keep customers reassured from pre-order button through to shipping

Seamless communication with pre-order customers

Maintain customer trust during the pre-order campaign with specific front-end messaging, dedicated customer portals, and email updates. By entrusting PreProduct with pre-order communications, you can ensure customer support stays under control.

Need to modify the pre-order shipping date? Simply trigger an email update letting customers know, as well as reminding them that they can visit their pre-order portal for up to date details and verification.

“Run, don’t walk and install PreProduct! We’ve been a very long time looking for the perfect pre order app and can happily report we’ve found it! The deferred payment options and flexibility are absolute game changers, and better yet – the support and service”

– Accurascale review

Centra pre-order communications

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Some of the brands
we work with:

PreProduct listing dashboard

Pre-order functionality that works with your platform APIs

Tight integrations with your Centra back-end & fulfilment

Manage pre-orders in a specialised pre-order system that feeds in and from Centra. By keeping pre-orders distinct, we ensure there’s no early processing or fulfilment until you give the go-ahead.

Once your products are ready for dispatch, PreProduct will trigger charges and feed orders through to Centra. For an automated process, choose our auto-charge feature — it takes care of billing based on inventory levels in Centra automatically.

“We work in a very niche market and the PreProduct team have been so amazing helping us get set up and customizing our pre-order setup. I thought taking pre-orders would be a nightmare, but with PreProduct, it’s been incredibly easy. Thank you guys for making this a seamless experience! I highly recommend this app!”

– Paragon FX Group review

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Centra Pricing Plans


For small to medium sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission on up to 5k of monthly paid pre-order revenue, then 0.5% afterwards.

Take pre-orders from your Centra storefront

Unlimited pre-order listings

Charge customers upfront, later or via deposit

Customise pre-order front-end & email campaign

Customer portals

Platinum Plus

For medium to large sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission

Our top plan with all the features

Developer support (2 hour p/m quota)

0% commission

Centra Pre-orders FAQ

Centra has native pre-order functionality for charge-upfront pre-orders. For more sophisticated functionality, a third-party tool is needed.

Can I offer Centra pre-orders?

Centra has a ‘pre-order’ status in the product admin that allows items with 0 stock to be purchased.

How do I sell products that have an inventory of 0 in Centra?

Yes, with PreProduct you can. Orders will live in PreProduct until you’re ready for them to flow into Centra. This can then be triggered when stock arrives.

Can I collect payment only when the item is in stock?

Seeing as Centra is a headless platform, the way you implement the button is up to you. As long as it submits to the correct API.
Please note that if you’re using PreProduct, you’ll just need to add data-native-pre-order-btn to the <button> tag, so that PreProduct knows which buttons you’d like to use for pre-orders.

How to set up a pre-order Button on Centra?

Allowing native pre-orders on Centra can be achieved by ticking the “pre-order” fields in the stock section of the product admin.

If you’re not using an app like PreProduct, you’ll then need to adjust your front-end code to display pre-order messaging.

How do I add Centra pre-orders?

Native Centra pre-orders charge straight away. To Charge later or split payments, you’ll need to use a third-party app like PreProduct.

Do Centra pre-orders charge straight away?

PreProduct offers a next-gen pre-order app that integrates with Centra. It lets merchants take sales when inventory settings are 0. This can be great for increasing hype, demand, the sales window, as well as help navigate product availability issues. PreProduct’s solution will let you take pre-sales and manage them in their own system (until released), whilst keeping customers informed without added hassle.

How does PreProduct’s pre-order functionality enhance my ecommerce store?

PreProduct doesn’t push orders in to your Centra inventory settings until you release or charge pre-orders. Meaning when a customer pre-orders an item, our system holds the order until you’re ready for fulfilment i.e stock levels will not decrement straight away when sales occur. Then when you’re ready to fulfil/charge pre-orders, you can release the orders into Centra so everything can sync up and be fulfilled.

How does inventory management work with PreProduct on Centra?

Communication is key. With PreProduct, you can send out update emails to inform customers of any changes. They can also access their dedicated pre-order portal anytime to check for real-time information and confirm product availability dates.

What happens if there’s a change in the expected release date of a pre-ordered item?

PreProduct integrates smoothly with product settings in Centra, ensuring that your store theme/website can communicate pre-orders effectively. Whether it’s a on the product level or cart/checkout. It’s important to give an organized, clear, and efficient pre-order experience to consumers.

How does PreProduct handle pre-orders at the product level in my Centra store?

PreProduct is designed to work seamlessly with Centra without needing any additional Centra integrations. However, you will need an account with a supporting payment provider (feel free to send us an email for the current options).

Do I need any other tools or plugins installed for this functionality?

As described above, native Centra pre-orders always charge straight away.

However, PreProduct offers the option to list deferred-charge pre-orders where you can Charge later or split payments. When you charge is up to you and can be manually or automatically triggered.

Do pre-orders take money immediately?

Yes, our Centra pre order system lets you take pre-orders without a fixed ship date. You can notify your customers before they pay/mid-campaign when you have a definite shipping date.

Can I still offer a pre-order if I’m not sure when my product will ship?

Yes, as it’s ‘locked in’ to the individual order, meaning previous order prices will be respected whilst future orders will pay according to the new discount.

Can I change my discount?

Absolutely. Should any changes arise in your supply chain, you can update the estimated shipping statement in PreProduct (other apps usually support this too). It’s then up to you whether you’d like to communicate these changes via an email update or just rely on the customer portal being updated.

Changes to pre-order shipping statements are quite common. You can start pre-order campaigns earlier and capture more sales, we would just recommend using charge-later or partial pay pre-orders if you think the shipping times could blow out. (as customers could be less forgiving if they pay the full amount upfront)

Can I change my shipping date?

Yes, by default PreProduct will redirect to a ‘pre-order only’ checkout session, whilst keeping any existing ‘buy-now’ cart items in tact in another tab.

Can I stop mixed orders of pre-order and buy-now items?