Figure Out Future
Best Selling Products
Before They Exist

New product development powered by AI & your customers. Voting, research & discovery.

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AI-Powered Variant Generator

Write AI prompts to create completely new variants from existing products. Explore different variations in minutes.

On-demand Customer Voting

Get on-demand product feedback via our low-friction, dating app-style surveys.

Your Unfair NPD Advantage

Avoid the mistakes of focus groups by instead asking the people who matter – your customers – when they’re in the setting that matters: your website.

The quickest way to figure out best sellers.

Dating app style voting

Supercharge your innovation with on-demand customer feedback and AI image creation. Get future products in front of your customers early and often via our low friction dating app style interface.

All you need to do is upload an image or use our AI prompt to create new variants from existing images. Avoid the mistakes of focus groups, ask the people who matter, when they’re in the setting that matters… your website. Double-down on your next big hit & avoid possible duds.


Shopify Pricing Plans


For individuals and small sized brands


USD / month

+0.5% of paid pre-order revenue

Take me to the Shopify app Store – 7 day free trial

Unlimited product pitches

Unlimited votes

15 AI image gen tokens per month

Run on specific pages or via survey links

Email support

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