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Make more jewelry store sales with a 5 star rated pre-order system

Make sales whilst finalising your next jewelry range or whilst waiting to receive stock.

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Take pre-orders for products whatever the lead time

Never worry about missing out on sales again due to delays with suppliers.

Let our comprehensive pre-order system assist you. Do you often experience delays from suppliers for new jewelry products? Do you often have sold out products, or find it hard to keep up with demand for your jewelry products? Pre-orders for jewelry stores, can offer many benefits.

This is a great app to create buzz and accept pre-orders on new products without collecting payments. The apps is easy to use. Oli is amazing to work with, going above and beyond and communicating clearly with quick turn arounds. I highly recommend!

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Turn interest into sales

Use pre-orders to ensure you capture orders from all interested customers

Setting up pre-orders with PreProduct will allow you to capture orders from potential customers, even if you are experiencing delays from suppliers. You can then keep customers updated on the expected shipping date, via PreProducts comprehensive email campaign.

Pre-orders that suit your store setup

Choose the type of pre-order that suits your jewelry business

PreProduct offers, charge up-front, charge later and deposit pre-orders. You may want to secure some cash up-front before you submit your order with the supplier, or you may expect some delays so want to only charge customers once you have stock. Whatever your situation is, PreProduct can accommodate this.

Build excitement

Build a buzz and hype around new releases

The usage of a pre-order system to collect pre-orders for new releases generates anticipation and excitement for a product. Taking pre-orders can help you create buzz via early bird discounts, or even running a limited time only pre-order option.

Improve forecasting

Assess Demand and Minimize Risk

Accepting pre-orders allows you to predict a product’s sales performance. This approach can help you determine stock orders for future collections, for re-stocking of popular items, or even to take on a made to order strategy.

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This was our first time offering a pre-order and the customer service was excellent. I would definitely recommend this app.

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Some of the brands
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Start harnessing the power of pre-orders today

Want to make sure you’re not missing out on jewelry sales?

Enhance your jewelry business by leveraging PreProduct’s powerful pre-order app. Seamlessly integrating with your e-commerce platform, it empowers you to manage and charge for orders at your convenience, whether the product has not been released yet or stock is on it’s way or still with suppliers.

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Jewelry store pre-order pricing


For small to medium sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission on up to 5k of monthly paid pre-order revenue, then 0.5% afterwards.

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All of Growth features

Access to Listing Manager automation

Priority support

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Platinum Plus

For medium to large sized brands


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Pre-orders for hobby stores FAQ

You can use a pre-order app like PreProduct to offer pre-orders, so you can still receive orders whilst you are awaiting your stock.

How can I stop missing out on sales when there are delays with restocking sold out items?

PreProduct offers charge upfront, charge later as well as deposit based pre-orders. It will just depend on your business and what suits you best.

What types of pre-order can I offer?

PreProduct provides a fully customizable email campaign feature that you can use to communicate with your pre-order customers as needed. You can send updates about shipping timeframes, delays, and other relevant information, ensuring your customers stay informed about when to expect their pre-orders to be shipped.

How do I update customers if there is delays with the supplier?

PreProduct allows you to offer an early bird discount to customers who place a pre-order. This can incentivise customers to order early, to not only ensure they lock in an order but also that they reap the benefit of a discount.

What incentives or benefits can i offer to customers who pre-order?

For platforms, such as BigCommerce, orders will be created only when you initiate charges or fulfillment through PreProduct. On Shopify, orders will immediately appear with a “fulfillment hold.”

How will orders appear in my e-commerce store?