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Maximise sales for your fashion brand with a powerful pre-order tool

Pre-orders for fashion brands allows you to make sales for any sold out products, as well as for new collections before they’re finalised & ready to ship.

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Take pre-orders for products whatever the lead time

Start collecting orders and revenue for new season collections before they’re ready.

Do you frequently encounter delays from your manufacturers or suppliers when receiving new collections? Do you often have products that go out of stock due to high demand? Implementing a pre-order strategy for your fashion store could provide you with numerous advantages.

App interface incredibly user friendly, issues rectified immediately, extremely friendly and efficient customer service! Definitely recommend this app

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Pre-orders that suit your store setup

Charge on your terms

PreProduct utilises a vaulted payment gateway to deliver a secure ‘charge later’ mechanism and boost cash flow. This allows customers to place pre-orders, and then you can either charge customers for the pre-orders straight away, or at a later date. This is done via the vaulted payment technology, with the customer accepting a future charge and the associated payment terms. The card details are vaulted so it can be charged at a later stage that suits you.

Solve the problem of over ordering from your suppliers

Enhanced inventory control

PreProduct can assist your business to gauge customer interest, predict sales and therefore effectively plan ordering. By analyzing pre-order data, you can make informed decisions about manufacturing, supply chain management, and inventory allocation. This minimizes the risk of over-ordering or under-stocking, meaning more optimized cash flow.

Build loyalty and satisfaction

Keep pre-order customers in the loop

Communicate through custom front-end wording, customer portals, and email campaigns. PreProduct can manage all of your pre-order communication from the moment the order is placed, if there are any delays or issues that come up, you can easily send a quick update email to pre-order customers. This ensures your customer support team remains happy and unburdened by pre-order sales.

Stop unnecessary wastage

Low risk tactic for reaching your sustainability targets

Experimenting with a made to order pre-order campaign, will align production with actual demand and reducing production costs, minimising waste, and promoting a more environmentally and economically viable business model.

Once you’ve iterated on your pre-order setup and standard-operating-procedure, you can then roll pre-orders out on a larger scale.

Build hype and excitement with limited editions

Utilise pre-orders to run a limited edition drop

Running limited edition drops in the fashion industry has numerous benefits. Some of the benefits include, increased sales, creating brand loyalty, fostering growth and community as well as reducing financial risk and assisting overall business success.

This app is exactly what my customers have been looking for!

It took me a minute to get it situated on my shop, but the creator and team were the most kind and helpful people I’ve experienced with any website app. Very patient and hands-on with me and my store and I couldn’t be happier. THANK YOU!

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Some of the brands
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Start harnessing the power of pre-orders today

Want to take your fashion store to the next level?

Elevate your fashion business with PreProduct’s pre-order system. Our flexible pre-order app integrates seamlessly with your eCommerce platform, giving you the capability to manage orders and collect payments on your terms. Whether dealing with back-ordered items, delays, or upcoming product launches, you remain in control.

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Fashion store pre-order pricing


For small to medium sized brands


USD / month

+0% commission on up to 5k of monthly paid pre-order revenue, then 0.5% afterwards.

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Access to Listing Manager automation

Priority support

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Platinum Plus

For medium to large sized brands


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Developer support (2 hour p/m quota)

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Pre-orders for fashion stores FAQ

Using pre-orders in the fashion industry can allow you to maximise revenue (by still collecting orders when products are sold out, or when you are awaiting new collections to be finalised), optimise inventory control and assist in sustainability.

How can allowing pre-orders help my fashion brand?

You trigger the deferred payment when you are ready to charge, Shopify will then use vaulted card details and charge the consumer for the remaining amount (if using a deposit) or the full amount (if 100% charge later).

How does pre-order payment work?

Yes we highly recommend the use of pre-orders for a limited edition release, in particular the utilisation of a pre-order app.

Can I use pre-orders for limited editions?

PreProduct offers charge upfront, charge later as well as deposit based pre-orders. It will just depend on your business and what suits you best. We have further information on the types of pre-orders here.

what types of pre-order can I offer?

PreProduct has a fully customisable email campaign you can utilise. This allows you to send emails to pre-order customers whenever you need. You can update them on shipping timeframes, delays etc. Additionally, updates provided to customers may include information on when their pre-orders are expected to be shipped.

How will I communicate with customers regarding updates on their pre-order?