The idea for PreProduct came out of the ashes of a smart-home company we ran from 2018 to 2019. Our customers were passionate and excited to be a part of our vision and although we had direction for the company, the process of iterating on existing products and developing new ones was still fraught with risk. Even so, we were conscious of just how important new products are for generating revenue from an existing customer-base, attracting new customers and staying ahead of the competition.

With simpler new line-extensions or colour-ways, we had to invest tens of thousands of dollars in stock that we couldn’t say with any certainty whether we would sell or not.

…and the same issue from a different angle, we could have been sitting on a huge, company defining product idea, which we perceived as having too larger chance of failure to try. Despite realising that these are the kind of product ideas that can create real breakthroughs and leaps forward as a business.

Enter PreProduct. Pre-selling with PreProduct lets you optimise and de-risk new releases, as well as be in control of when you start accepting orders and payment. Whether listing a new variant for an existing product or an exciting breakthrough release.

Any feedback or suggestions, you can always reach us at: hello@preproduct.io


Oli & Eliza (co-founders)

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