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Have difficulty finding a marketing channel anywhere near as effective as the Shopify App Store?
Market to merchants where they are, through
co-marketing campaigns in other apps.

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“We’ve launched integrations and partnered with some of the top Shopify apps in the eco-system. App Friends is our attempt at streamlining the process for shared gains and success of partners.”

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App Friends FAQ

This is a form of Shopify app marketing where app’s promote each other to their respective audiences. This offers exposure to an audience who are already qualified as Shopify merchants.

What is Shopify app co-marketing?

Initially at least, App Friends will have two categories of app. Below 50 Shopify App Store reviews and above. You can then browse and send out invitations from within the App Friends interface.

Can I invite any Shopify app to co-market with me?

A code snippet is added to your app, as well as every other App Friend’s app. This allows a tile to dynamically load into each others interfaces when a campaign is live. Tiles are generally 250px – 300px wide and are usually added to a secondary layout column of one screen.

You can invite other apps within App Friends to co-market. If both sides agree, tiles will be live for a scheduled 14 day period.

How does App Friends work?

Our current plan is to make App Friends free, at least initially. Justifying this on our end by building in some free exposure to our flagship app: PreProduct.

How much does App Friends cost?

Co-marketing with App Friends can help increase your app’s visibility and user base by reaching a targeted audience of Shopify merchants who are already engaged with other apps. Results will vary by app, as well as which apps you co-market with.

What kind of results can I expect from co-marketing with App Friends?

Yep, we offer support via email.

Is there any support available if I have questions or issues using App Friends?