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Pre-order stages


The ‘pre-order stage’ bar is a way to show when/if payment links have been triggered. There are three separate stages:


  • Capture only #

    – Initially, the order and customer details are just captured. Just ‘thank-you emails’ are sent at the time of order.*

  • *an alternative first stage occurs when a listing requires a deposit (deposit & capture), this is much the same, but the pre-order won’t be fully processed until the customer pays the deposit.

  • Charge & capture #

    – Then the store triggers payment link emails, so previously captured pre-orders receive a payment link and future pre-orders will now receive them straight away

  • Not-a-pre-order #

    – Eventually the pre-order is ended, so it can be a standard ‘buy it now’  Shopify listing



How the PreProduct process is different to the regular Shopify process #


Below is a diagram of the customer journey with a regular ‘buy ut now’ button vs the PreProduct process. Instead of customers being taken to the Checkout straight away, the orders go into PreProducts system first. Letting you, the store-owner decide when to direct them through the checkout.


pre-order process

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