How to set up pre order on Shopify


1. Introduction

It is very beneficial to understand how to set up pre order on Shopify. A pre order is an arrangement in which customers can place orders for products or services before they become available for general sale. Essentially, customers are buying an item before it is physically in stock or released.

There are several benefits to pre orders. First, pre orders can provide insight to Shopify stores about the demand for their products. By seeing how many people are pre-ordering an item, stores can adjust their production and inventory management to meet demand. This can help them avoid overproduction, which can lead to excess inventory and financial losses.

Secondly, pre orders can generate buzz and excitement for a product before its release. By allowing customers to pre order, Shopify stores can build anticipation for their products and create a sense of exclusivity around them.

Thirdly, pre orders can be beneficial for Shopify stores because they allow for upfront revenue. When customers pre-order products, they typically pay for them at the time of the order, which can provide stores with a cash flow boost before the product is even released. This can be especially helpful for small businesses or startups that may not have access to significant capital or financing.



2. Setting up Pre Orders on Shopify


A. Installing a Pre Order App

To get started and set up pre order on Shopify, access the Shopify App Store and search for the pre order app you wish to install. Once you have located the app, click on it to access the app listing page, and then select the “Add app” option. To grant the app access to your Shopify admin account, click “Install app” and authorize its use.


B. Integrating the App with Your Storefront

Shopify 1.0

Our recommendation is to contact the app provider for the 1.0 installation process. However, the steps are generally comparable – locate the Shopify theme file containing the “buy” button and insert the app’s customized code beneath the {% endform %} tag. Keep in mind that the precise file name may differ, but commonly it is referred to as one of the following: product-template.liquid, product-form.liquid, or product-main.liquid, among others.

Shopify 2.0

With the introduction of Shopify 2.0, app blocks can now be seamlessly integrated into the Shopify admin’s drag-and-drop theme customizer. This streamlined process offers speedy setup, and a noteworthy benefit is that app blocks are automatically removed upon app uninstallation.



C. Listing Pre Orders on Shopify

Having completed the necessary steps to integrate the app with your storefront, you are now fully equipped to initiate pre orders on Shopify. Begin by listing a product in your selected pre order app, and note that the “add to cart” button will be replaced with a pre order version, accompanied by supplementary front-end elements such as messaging and widgets.


D. Shopify product settings

The product/variant section of the Shopify admin dashboard contains the option to enable the ‘continue selling when out of stock’ feature. This setting is crucial when utilising pre-orders and has two important purposes:

  • Firstly, if a product has zero stock and the box is unchecked, customers will not be able to purchase it. However, if the box is checked, the product can still pass through the checkout. Some apps (eg PreProduct) automatically check this box, when creating a new pre-order.
  • Secondly, most Shopify themes display an ‘out of stock’ message when a product/variant has zero stock and the box is unchecked. Checking the ‘continue selling when out of stock’ box will prevent this message from being displayed.


3. Offering Discounts on Pre Orders


A. Basic Discount Setup

You can set up a discount by altering the ‘Price’ and the ‘Compare at Price’ in the Shopify product admin. The ‘Compare at Price’ is the original price and the ‘Price’ is the discounted price. This means the Shopify will know that there is a discount and reflect this on your front-end.


B. Purchase Options Discounts

For certain pre order types that use purchase options (commonly charge later pre orders), rather than altering the price of the product directly on Shopify, the discount is applied at the order level. This means that the discount is fixed for future charges and does not affect the price of the product on Shopify. This means that you will not need to worry about the price change.



4. Utilizing Deposits for Pre-Orders

A. Creating Deposit-Based Pre Orders

You can opt for upfront deposits for pre order listings in many pre order apps. When creating a pre order listing, you just need to select the deposit pre-order type and then choose the amount op percentage deposit you want to charge. In such cases, customers will go through the checkout process only once and will be charged the deposit amount immediately while also agreeing to the future charge. Deposit listings also support discounts.


B. Charging Tax and Shipping Fees

When using deposit based pre orders, both shipping and taxes will be charged in the final outstanding amount, not in the deposit amount.


5. Summary and Conclusion

In summary, pre orders offer several advantages for Shopify stores. Firstly, they provide valuable insight into product demand, enabling stores to adjust inventory management and avoid overproduction. Secondly, pre orders generate excitement and anticipation for a product, building a sense of exclusivity. Lastly, pre orders generate upfront revenue, providing cash flow before product release, which is especially beneficial for small businesses or startups without access to significant capital.

This article was written to explain how to set up pre-order on Shopify, and highlight the benefits an e-commerce store can reap from utilising pre orders. If you are interested in giving pre order on Shopify a go and experiencing some of these benefits we highly recommend installing PreProduct from the Shopify app store (we are slightly bias as this is our app, but do believe it provides a fantastic pre order process).

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