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Direct to Consumer brand launch a fully sustainable haircare range

To launch a sustainable haircare range, Act + Acre engineered their product and packaging to be as recyclable and green as possible. Instead of settling for the guides set my government recycling certifications, they pushed further and created their own gold standard; “Reavey and Mackin developed a now-patented process that uses cold water and high pressure—while it takes a lot longer, it saves 90% energy”. Not only is this good for the planet, but it’s also a great talking point in their marketing material.


Sustainability has been reported as heavily influencing Millennial and Gen Z buying decisions; ’72 per cent of Gen Z would spend more money on a service it was sustainably produced’ alongside a tendency to switch to brands who take sustainable initiatives. Is there a way you could refactor your existing products in a more sustainable way? Whether it’s the packaging, the freight or the product itself? Whilst you’re looking into your processes and supply chain, maybe you could put together a content series featuring the individuals and stages that are involved along the way. Giving your customers a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your brand.


sustainable haircare range

Image Credit: Act + Acre